Masters in Germany

Germany is a land of ideas, it is one of  the top three destinations for higher studies. So your are on right  path, that you have selected Germany for Higher studies.

Basically Germany has Two kinds of Universities.

  1. University of Applied Science- (Hochschule/Fachhochschule)
  2. Technical Universities (TU9).

Hochschule  will have courses designed as per the industry needs.So it serves for those who want to get Job after their course.Normally student will have to study 8 to 10 subjects in  the first year and will have Internship and Master Thesis in the second year. Usually  the subjects taught here are more practical oriented and which basically helps the student to get to know the tools used in the current market. This knowledge will help them to get Job later.

TU9 are universities  courses are heavy and bit tough compared to the Hochschule. These courses are more research oriented. Those who have Plans of doing the Phd after their Masters or later or to get into Academic area will normally chose this one. As I know Student will have to study at least 15 subjects to get the Master degree which means you need to plan what actually you want to do in future before choosing this one.

My personal advise would be before you join, always contact seniors and get to know the details of course properly. some of the things like  course difficulty level, Job prospects etc.