Hello I am Vijaykumar from Banglore, India. I did my B.E  (E&C) from PESIT institute, Bangalore. Later worked with one of the IT giants, Infosys Limited for about 3 years as System Engineer. I cannot miss out to mention about Infosys Training, which was wonderful journey, atleast you can say that after you pass those hard training tests :).Training laid kind of foundation for my  IT life I can say now.

I did my  Masters from Hochschule Darmstadt, it was nice exposure to me as International student. I worked as intern in Baumer Group GmbH, during the course I  was lucky to stay  in Frankfurt, Berlin, Stuttgart for my internship, Master Thesis.It was nice journey as a foreign student to explore Germany. German people always been friendly and helpful.Beer fests are the best things in Germany, never miss to go when you are there during October fest.

Currently staying in Stuttgart city.I work as Consultant/Software Engineer for a company IT-QBase GmbH. Company provides consultancy in the Application Life Cycle Management area.

In my free time like reading novels,playing football, Tennis, Badmiton, Swimming etc.I like going for meet ups, to get to know new people and learn new things.I am always up for Beer :).

Blogging is a new step in my life so bare with my mistakes and correct/criticize me with your comments.I always like to see other perspectives, may be my view could be wrong. Writing was not my cup of Tea, still I am challenging myself to push my boundaries so that I can also be a blogger . I like to write on Technical stuff, Traveling ,Life, Philosophy etc in my perspective.I believe in Sharing Knowledge/ Experiences is the best contribution what one can do for Society. That’s how one can improve himself and help others to grow.


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