How to Start with RTC SCM CLI

Download the RTC SCM tool from below link – SCM Tools

Video showing from where and how to download SCM Tool

Open the command line and go to the directory where you unzipped the downloaded file.

To launch the SCM tool run either scm or lscm. lscm a launcher for SCM and starts the daemon process which makes subsequent execution of commands consumes less startup time. Run ‘lscm help’ to display the list of the commands supported by the SCM tool.

1. Help

~$ lscm help


~$ lscm login -r https://localhost:9443/ccm -n local -c -u ADMIN -P password

local is the Nick Name what i am using in the above command so I will be using same name in the below commands

-r, –repository-uri <arg> The URI that specifies the location of the repository.
-u, –username <arg> The user name for the repository.
-P, –password <arg> The password for the repository.
-n, –nickname <arg> The nickname of the repository.
-c, –cache Caches the password on prompt.


~$ lscm logout -r local

List operations

4.Project Areas

~$ lscm  ls pa -r local


~$ lscm ls streams -r local


~$ lscm ls workspaces -r local


~$ lscm ls comp -r local -c admin
-c, –contrib <arg> The user id of the contributor to query about.


~$ lscm ls bl -r el –snapshot 5751
5751 is id of the snapshot


~$ lscm ls ss -r local


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